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Mountain Spy Jan 2015 Gear Rental



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In this month's Mountain Spy, we tackle the simple act of renting gear. When a customer has doubts about going through the rental process, how easy do you make it for them?

Mountain Spy September 2014 Ziplines



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In this month’s Mountain Spy, we put customer service to the test with a delicate question. While the answers weren’t surprising, the customer service, in many cases, was.

Mountain Spy July 2014 What's New


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In this month’s Mountain Spy, we play eager guest. As winter wound down, Mountain Spy Liz Mettler called to see about what projects resorts were working on. As usual, it’s not the question that matters, but the answer.

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Mountain Spy May 2014 Spring Skiing


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In this month’s Mountain Spy, we tackled straightforward customer service. When a mother is bringing her brood up to your hill, how easy are you making life for her? A special shout-out to the French Canadians who nailed this one.